Rushgrove House- The battle to educate Building Control.

Rushgrove House: a common place alteration that people want, to remove a small part of the structure.

The house was built in 1816 and became the home of the Admiral of the Royal Marine Barracks. In the 1980’s it was sold by the army and became a family home and now has been divided into two homes.

Ecos Maclean did an efficient design using our years of experience for the very minor structural alteration.

The Local Authority and Building Control misapplied the lintel design code and said that we have to deal with loads six times greater than evaluated.

We investigated by measuring deflection which established our design was conservative by more than 50%.

The Local Authority and Building Control rejected measurement of deflection of the steel beams after installation as unreliable, even though predominantly dead loads.

The battle to educate Building Control continues- watch this space!

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