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EcosMaclean projects: Treehouse in Dorset

Currently we are  working in Dorset. Our client’s wish is to have a treehouse for his summer holidays. Our responsibility is to advise, design and support. The finish work is coming soon. Take a tour with us.

What is going on at Ecos Maclean- funny little stories…

Dear  peers, From now on we will be posting amusing little stories about our projects around London. “Paradise by way of Kensal Green” is a great pub with a marvellous dining room in north of London. The client asked us

Rushgrove House- The battle to educate Building Control.

Rushgrove House: a common place alteration that people want, to remove a small part of the structure. The house was built in 1816 and became the home of the Admiral of the Royal Marine Barracks. In the 1980’s it was

Current Vacancies

We currently have vacancy for a Structural Engineer. Ecos Maclean Ltd structures engineering and consultants are looking for a structural engineer of 10-15 years experienced with strong environmental interests and capabilities to work on the design and building of a

Ecos Maclean discusses a new project with Charlie Luxton

Charlie Luxton discusses his latest project with Nick Maclean a major refurbishment and extension of a farm house in Oxfordshire. EcosMaclean @ Homebuilding & Renovating Show 2012 from Charles Couzens on Vimeo.

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Homebuilding and Renovation Show

At the Homebuilding and Renovation we met Charlie Luxton to discuss some of our recent projects including some wacky tree houses and a major farming refurbishment. EcosMaclean Nick Maclean talks with Charlie Luxton from Charles Couzens on Vimeo.

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