Lighter Structure


We are often challenged to come up with slimmer structure to enable the designer vision to be realised. One example was a curved roof structure in a new office building in Maida Vale, the result was a spectacular vaulted roof in steel.

Curved rood with steel bracing engineering by Ecos Maclean


white lodge four metre cantilever designed by Ecos MacleanWhite Lodge as an exciting self-build featured in Evening Standard where we devised the solution to a challenging Structural Design including an impressive cantilever.The structure had to be rigid enough to allow the end wall to be fully glazed.





This approach to provide elegant simplicity in engineering design is equally applicable to modest rear extensions as big budget grand designs.  The key to simple elegant designs is thorough analysis in 3D.

This light weight steel curved stair is a good example of our work.

slim curved light weight steel stair camden town